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  2. IT IS legit amazing how music just makes me feel better. xD

    today better be good dammit.  I’ll find a way for it to be amazing.

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    Nibbling at the speed of nyoom.

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  6. Basics

    Name: Bryce
    Birthday: January 28th
Favorite color: Difficult. Gonna go with purple, but I can find a reason to love any color.
    Lucky number: Dunno.
    Height: 5’8” or 5’9” I don’t remember which
    Talents: I can kinda draw. Pretty good at coloring. also pretty good at being depressed. oh! I can make a pretty nice sandwich.
    Last dream you remember: Don’t really want to talk about it.
    Can you juggle: Nope.
    Art/sports/both: Art, without a doubt. Kinda want to play baseball though.
Do you like writing: Yes! I should do it more… but I just haven’t been able to give any attention to it.
Do you like dancing: It makes me nervous.
    Do you like singing: yeah, depends on my mood though


Dream vacation: I dunno. Haven’t really thought about it a whole lot. I’d be happy to go just about anywhere, to be perfectly honest.
Dream guy/gal: anyone willing to put up with me is a dream come true.
    Dream wedding: hmm.. I haven’t put a whole lot of thought into it.
    Dream pet: I really would love an anteater. Seriously. ( Or sloth) I desire weird pets that live for a long time.
    Dream job: One day I’ll be in charge of an animation. A movie, a cartoon, a short. I dunno. I just hope I do a good job.
    Favorite song: This is difficult. Gonna go with “Ungodly Hour” by Robin Grey though, cause I just heard it again today and remembered how much i love that song.
    Last song you heard on the radio: Couldn’t tell you. I don’t even really know any radio artists very well.
    Least favorite album: Nothing really comes to mind.
Least favorite artist: I’m sure I have one, but I can’t think of them.


    Guys/girls/both: Definitely prefer the ladies over the gents, but I’d totally make out with a guy if I liked him enough.
    Hair color:  No real preference, to be honest.
    Eye color: still no preference
Humorous/serious: A decent mixture is always a good thing.
    Taller/shorter: doesn’t matter to me
    Biggest turn-off: a number of things. Don’t think I’m gonna get into specifics though.
    Biggest turn-on:  same as above.

    i did it! once again not gonna tag anyone cause I’m lazy.

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    "Word of the Voice"

    Persona: Trinity Soul Original Soundtrack

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    "obama is fuckin up"


    "should have voted for the other guy"


    No. We should have voted for the other guy you twats. Were all fucking doomed now.



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    Pfft like he needed you anyways Marie

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